Developer Woody Wu | Dead Acres (Available on Steam)
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Dead Acres (Available on Steam)

Project Description

Dead Acres is now available on Steam with PC, Mac and Linux!


Dead Acres is a survival farming game where you must grow crops and defend your home and animals from the zombie apocalypse. You have multiple weapons to choose and lots of building, structures to design strategy on.


PC, Mac, Linux

Game Genre:

Strategy, First Person Shooter, Action, Adventure




Unity3D, C#, UFPS, NGUI, Easy Save, Steamworks API

What I did and learned:

It was me as the only programmer for this game. There was one programmer before and I finished the level one remaining functions started from his code base for Dead Acres. Then I made it able to be put on Steam for early access. I also made most of the level two ‘Rush Hour’ for Dead Acres with new map generation, game play functions and new enemy AI. Single programmer means the project’s programming will never be easy and you have to make coding consistent, for example, by writing each of your class and inheritance clearly and understandable for future faster modification. It was like, form a system of your code, if you are going to make multiple levels of one game, you know the code base is general that all you have to do is instantiate a level instance.

Project Details

PC Game